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Membership of the club costs an unbelievable £20 per year; yes only £20 per year. This fee is payable on 1st March of every year, for this fee you receive the following.

All of the club training nights at Wymondham Rugby Club and Hethersett Old Hall School are provided free of charge including the cup of tea/coffee and biscuits.

If you attended every session throughout the year, it would be the equivalent of less than 20p per night.

The membership of the club entitles all of our members to enter races as a member of an affiliated club and the unattached fee in any races that they enter is waived. This can save anything between £1 and £4 per race.

Club members are covered under the UK Athletics Insurance scheme as directed by UK Athletics.

Special Club clothing is available to members at cost price and a club discount may be available at specialist running shops, such as Sportlink when visiting the shop.

Try before you buy

Come along to one of our sessions and see what we can offer. In fact come to four of them, free of charge and see what we do, who we are and where we are.

You may decide after the first session that we are what you have been looking for in a running club, but no pressure will be put upon you to make a decision.

All we would ask is that after a month, if you are still interested that you join us as a member.

Membership Application

A membership application form can be obtained by selecting it from the Quick Find Menu to the left of this page.