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Ron Marsh Head Coach for club. UKA level 3-performance coach. Specialist in long distance coaching and jumps coaching.
Terry Brannan UKA level 2 endurance coach.
Kim Reader UKA level 2 endurance coach.
Paul Wightman UKA level 2
Karl Chapman UKA level 1 assistant coach.
Andy Preston UKA level 1 assistant coach.
Jessica Preston UKA level 1 assistant coach.
Craig Dungar UKA level 1 assistant coach.
Allan Holland UKA level 1 assistant coach.
James Birch (FIRW) Fitness in Running & Walking
Jenny Christian Coach Secretary

Wymondham A.C. has a broad range of coaching available to members. The Club meets on Monday nights at the Rugby Club, Tuttles Lane, Wymondham 6.30pm onwards. Coaches are available to present and take coached sessions. A list of which is available on the notice board and website, these are updated seasonally.
The coaches are also able to provide schedules for runners training for marathons, Half Marathons, 10k/5k races.

On Monday Club nights the Coaching team aims to offer at least 3 training programmes to cater every runner.
There will be a set for the fast, intermediate and easy paced groups and cover all aspects of training for both on and off road running. These programmes are set to meet runner's needs in the forthcoming races.
After group training there will normally be an Abs session inside the club house, this session is available to all runners for basic core strength and stability. Mats are provided.

The Coaching team also provides sessions on Thursday nights. Sessions take place during the winter months at the all weather track at UEA Sports park from 6.30pm onwards the current cost is £3.50 per runner which is paid on entry to the Sportspark.

As an alternative to track running, circuit training is provided at the full size and excellently equipped gym at the Old Hall School, Hethersett. These sessions commence at 6.30pm for 1 hour the cost is included in your membership.
During the summer months we uses two venues, the excellent grass running track at Old Hall School and the Grass track and trails at Colney Lane, near the UEA and Earlham Park where coaches provide a mixture or sessions commencing at 6.30pm.

Wymondham AC offers an excellent level of coaching experience with 10 active coaches available. If you would like to know more about us please contact our Head Coach Ron Marsh on Club nights.