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Click here for the Club Standards Form

Standards Scheme

The WAC Standards Scheme provides a challenge against which runners can measure themselves and their performances. All paid up members are eligible for the award of Standards Certificates annually and these will be recognised as hallmarks of all round running ability, because aspirants have to reach a standard at races chosen from three different distance groups in one year.

There are five classes of certificate and Badge, and they are available for male and female runners, in open and veteran age classes.


These are A5 size (210 x 149mm), printed on light card and suitable for framing. The colours are consistent for the classes throughout the age categories.

Red - Bronze Award
Orange Silver Award
Green Gold Award
Blue Diamond Award
Silver Platinum Award

The year of Issue will be displayed on the Certificates. The Certificates/Awards will be a one off issue and the recipient will become a bronze class runner and so on depending on the standard he or she has achieved.

Application forms will be made available and all members will be encouraged to participate.

Rules of Scheme

  • Only one certificate may be awarded to a member in each year
  • Only races that have be run by a paid-up WAC member may be included
  • The three races must have been run in the same calendar year
  • Any race with a BAF certificate is accepted for the standards scheme, as well as foreign races
  • The required standards must be achieved in three races selected from three different ones of the 5 distance groups of events 0 to IIII

The Race groups are:

Group 0 5km to 5 Miles
Group I 10km to 10 Mile
Group II Over 10 miles to Half Marathon
Group III 15 Miles to 20 Miles
Group IIII Marathon & Above

The Tables of Standard Times

The Current club standard tables will be used. A full list will be made available to all members. A web link will be made on the WAC Website for all members to access and see the standard they have achieved.

The club standards form is available here